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Happy New Year

Written by David on Jan-01-15 05:37:01

A new year is among us.

Out with the old and in with the new. 

This year will bring us many changes both invisible and visible. 

I wish everything a happy new year and to watch the future of RsRadio.

Merry Christmas!!!

Written by David on Dec-25-14 03:37:06

From everyone at RuneScape Radio, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! This year brought a lot of changes and not a whole lot of DJs and Listeners. Next year will be our best year yet, that is a promise. Thanks as always for listening!

RuneRadio Shut down !

Written by David on Nov-09-14 06:12:14

Hello everyone! Recently it has been made aware that one of our biggest competitors has shut down their radio. This means we are now the biggest radio (and possibly only) that is themed for RuneScape. There will be new DJs and more updated/broadcasts shortly, so hang tight and enjoy!

Note: Registration has been disabled due to a problem with the mailing system. This will be fixed shortly, thank you for your patience. 


Written by David on Sep-27-14 14:56:19

Due to some problems with our mailing system registration is closed until issues are fixed. Sorry for any trouble this causes. If you really want an account please email David @ David-Schiehsl@hotmail.com

New Partnership with RuneAid

Written by David on Jul-12-14 15:59:30

Greetings Everyone!

I do hope your summer is going well. RuneScape Radio has recently taken a partnership with a Jagex supported fansite called RuneAid. RuneAid has even given us our own board and radio page, right from their website. The RuneScape Radio administration team belives that this will open new doors and possiblties for us perhaps, getting Jagex supported ourselves one day. We also feel that it will increase our traffic from both websites. 

Hopefully over time we will see the expansion of RuneScape Radio to many other RuneScape related fansites. 

Those coming here from RuneAid welcome! Those who have not been there yet, go and check out this: rsradio.net/runeaid.php

As always have a wonderful day!

June News

Written by David on Jun-20-14 06:26:58

Hopefully Everyone is having a happy summer so far. I just want to remind people that our staff applications are still open, so if you have not yet please apply! Version 8.1 will be released July 1st with many fixes and possibly some new features.

Thank you.

May 2014 News

Written by David on May-27-14 01:22:01

Hello Everyone! 

Just wanted to make a quick anouncement that we will be welcoming some new DJs soon and we welcome many more to sign up with us.

Version 8.1 will be released sometime before weekend, this will incude backend & frontend changes and possibly a new feature added on the radio page. Stay "tuned". 

Welcome to Version 8 Beta Release

Written by David on May-01-14 06:17:06

RsRadio Logo

Hello & Welcome to RuneScape Radio Version 8 Release!

RsRadio was founded in 2009 and was at one time the best RuneScape themed radio. We intend to make this happen again. Version 8 is full of features that almost no other Radio websites have including:

  • + User registration system
  • + Detailed radio page
  • + Social network-like profile (rsradio.net/yourusername)
  • + Interactive shoutbox to get involved with the stream
  • + 24/7 Auto DJ
  • + Advanced automatic request system
  • + DJ playlists
  • + DJ broadcasting timetable 
  • + Dedicated Staff Team
  • + Advanced user panel & staff backend

  & Much more!

(To submit any bugs just click the smiley face icon, on the right center.)

RsRadio has started from the ground up, meaning no code is the same! We are really looking forward to this version and I personally hope you will enjoy your time at RsRadio!

Thanks for listening to RuneScape Radio - We play everything!

DJ David
Community Owner



Welcome to Version 8 Beta Release

Written by David on Apr-10-14 18:01:47

Greetings! Welcome to Version 8 Beta Release of RuneScape Radio Version 8. This version will be filled with many great features but in order to allow for this to happen we need to test this out. More info will come out in a day about everything. Welcome.

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