Staff Applications

Staff Applications are currently open.
Open Positions Include:
Radio DJ, Graphic Artist
& PHP Programmer

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Staff Applications

Interested in joining our team? Currently we have openings for:

1. Radio DJ

Becoming a DJ is a fun way to express yourself, allowing you to interact with listeners and chat up about gaming and new features on RuneScape. And best of all, it's completely your choice on what you'd like to broadcast! Please note that not all people get accepted. Do not get discouraged, though - you may be able to apply in the future.

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2. Graphic Artist

As a Graphic Artist, your task will be to design the face of RsRadio. You will be in charge of creating banners, DJ icons, logos, backgrounds, color design, and any other graphic effects and designs for the site.

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3. PHP Programmer

As a PHP Programmer, you will be focused on the back end of RsRadio. You will be tasked with creating new features and dealing with any bug reports.

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