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Community History

Pre RsRadio:

Our story begins in 2008 with David Schiehsl wanting to become a DJ for a RuneScape (a MMORPG by Jagex Gaming Studios) fansite. He applied to Zybez but was rejected. He was accepted on Saradomin.net but the website was never finished. David decided to try again when Zybez's applications were open again, since at the time, Zybez was the best RuneScape-themed radio . While listening to Zybez, David met DJ Tim and really enjoyed his music. When DJ Tim (Tim Denninger) was let go from Zybez, he and David decided to start an online radio. At first, they used David's current domain StateFanDavid.com, naming it StateFanDavid Radio respectfully. Halfway through the construction of this radio, they both decided that it wouldn't do for listeners. Both of them played RuneScape, so they decided to make it RuneScape-themed. Thus, RuneScape Radio was born.

Creation Period:

David Schiehsl registered http://www.rsradio.net Febuary 16th 2009 with Tim Denninger's GoDaddy account, thus making both of them Co-Founders. Work began on creating a simple html radio website that we know now as Version 1.

Version 1:

Version 1 started with hiring of a graphics artist by the name of Andrew Vowles. David had met Andrew through his old friend named Nathan Turner who met Andrew on Saradomin.net while it was still under construction. Nathan went on to create Orb-Central, which turned into RuneZone years later. Andrew started creating the base graphics for V1 of RsRadio.net. The entire layout ended up being a bunch of graphics, making it bulky and slow to load. This version saw the hiring of around eight DJ's, including DJ David, DJ Tim and DJ Andrew.

Head DJs during version: DJ David

During version 1: Tim made a entire layout which at the time was named "even_newer_layout". This was based on more complicated programming that David had not tried using before. Tim became inactive and wouldn't teach David how to use this new theme, so this layout and version was canceled (for now).

Version 2:

After the cancellation of the new layout, David wanted to learn about other programming languages, so he downloaded a free CSS template. By this time Tim had all but given up working on RuneScape Radio, leaving David to run everything. This template's colors were black and blue and had a much faster loading speed than version 1 had. This version saw the coming of around 5 DJ's, including DJ Steel.

Head DJs during version: DJ Andrew, DJ David

Version 3:

Finally David decided to teach himself how to use PHP. This version was based on the "even_newer_layout" template that DJ Tim made before his departure. Parts of his code would survive for versions to come. RsRadio wasn't getting too many new DJ's during this time but managed some really nice shows.

Head DJs during version: DJ Andrew, DJ David

Version 4:

Version 4 (Nicknamed Revolution) was really just a redo of version 3. It used most of the same code but redoing parts of it. During this time RuneScape Radio teamed up with Silentc0re while David created Silentc0re's fansite, Silentc0re.com. This brought a large amount of traffic onto the brand new RsRadio forums, including Devon McAvoy, someone who was quite interested in web design. Devon had applied to become a DJ, and later offered to create an entirely new website. During this Silentc0re closed down his website thus ending our affiliation with them.

Head DJs during version: DJ Andrew, DJ David

Version 5:

Version 5 (Nicknamed Beta) was the most important version until version 8. The version was released Summer of 2010. It was the first version to include a custom DJ center where the DJs could interact with features Devon had made for them. This version was by far the most successful to date, it saw the applications of 85 people and the hiring of around 50, including DJ Purity, DJ Dyl and DJ Toxic (DJ TSM now). This version saw the affiliation with RuneSlayer, RuneVillage, RuneHints & RuneScape Media, all of which have since worn off.

Head DJs during version: DJ Andrew, DJ Josh, DJ Purity, DJ Toxic, & DJ Jacob (all at different times).

Version 6:

Similar to Version 4, this just saw a updated template. With this version came a drastic drop of traffic to the site. RSRadio nearly ceased to be during this version.

Head DJs during version: DJ Jacob & DJ Purity

Version 7:

By version 7, the three-year-old website coding had begun to fail. The version was buggy, but visually looked fantastic. Unfortunately, the effort to revive the site failed and RSRadio only saw activity for a few weeks.

Head DJs during version: DJ Purity & DJ Steel

Version 8:

This version was a scrapped version of RuneScape Radio. Everything was brand new and not a single line of code was used from a past version. DJ David programmed most until he needed help and hired DJ Sand who helped create several features for the backend. Sadly DJ Sand left a month after joining the crew and was not there to see the released version.

Head DJs during version: DJ Purity & DJ Steel

Page Credits: Written by: DJ David. Edited By: DJ Steel.